We improve the quality of life for many people in need

Head office of AssisTech:
Gdańsk Science and Technology Park

A brief history of our company

Our company was founded in June 2014. We are an academic spin-off of the Gdańsk University of Technology. While working at the university, the company’s founders noticed the potential of the scientific prototype. They started working on a new product, intended to support diagnosis, rehabilitation and nonverbal communication of people awakened from coma. This is how our flagship product the C-Eye® system was created. It is the only certified medical product on an international scale that uses eye tracking technology to assess the patient’s state of consciousness and for rehabilitation.

We constantly create, develop and improve our solutions, listening to the needs of our clients and their loved ones. Thanks to passion, determination and cooperation with specialists from various fields of science, in 2016 we created the eyefeel® program – designed for the therapy of children with communication problems. To improve the communication of medical personnel with patients in hospital, in 2018 we developed the mediContact®. At the same time, we carry out activities related to the expansion of our products to foreign markets – our devices are already working in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia, Saudi Arabia and China.


A Gold Medal at the XXIII Rehabilitation Fair 2015

2016 "Poland Now" ("Teraz Polska") Promotional Emblem

The Most Innovative Product, WIHE 2016

Polish Product of the Future 2015